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fabio balducci designs


this site will be a portfolio of my web designs, developments & branding projects. i will also post tutorials on web design and developments techniques to hopefully help others learn what took me so long to learn in web design and development. i will also occasional provide 'goodies' for others to download and use, such as photoshop/illustrator files, php/mysql projects, and more.

"web design & development is what i enjoy and love to do, and it is about time i do something with it!"

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just a note - i do not like to use capitalized words when starting sentences. i either keep it lowercase, or all uppercase - i'm funny like that.

my ramblings » life dominates those who are unable to free themselves from conventionalism, skepticism, and false pretence. yet, there are those who dominate life by living it as they desire, not bound by conventional practices, constantly unaffected by judgement and unconstrained conversation «